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When your mother told you to stand up straight and stop slouching, she sure knows what’s best for you. But for some, having a good posture can be difficult to maintain. Find out a way from this Posture Now reviews on how to have a good posture with no sweat.

Posture Now ReviewsA good posture can do a lot of good things in your body. It enables you to breathe properly. Another benefit that we can get in having a good posture is that it increases concentration and thinking ability since a good posture allows air in the body; the brain requires 20% of oxygen to do its job properly. It also improves your image and make you feel better about yourself. And most especially ii avoid health complications.

About Posture Now

PostureNow is two comfortable neoprene armbands that is connected by a flexible elastic tension band. It helps by improving the posture by using the principal of muscle memory.

Contact Details

PostureNow has an official website at

Lane Franklin LLC
9220 SW Barbur Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219

And for orders and inquiries, they have a toll free number : 1 866 973 1471

Posture Now Reviews: How does Posture Now work?

PostureNow works by reminding your muscle memory whenever you are in the slouch position. It makes you pull your shoulders back, essentially telling you to create a habit to correct your posture.

Does Posture Now work?

With a lot of positive feedback from various Posture Now reviews,creating a habit for a person to have a good posture, PostureNow is undeniably effective.

Conclusion on Posture Now Reviews


  • Many Posture Now reviews say that it helped them correct the posture naturally (better than those that forces your posture)
  • Made from high quality material that will last for a long time
  • Can be worn on top or underneath clothing
  • Can be worn while you exercise
  • 90 day money back guarantee


  • It only comes with a single color – Black.
  • Only have two different sizes. (Not a one size fits all)

PostureNow is probably the best posture brace available. It corrects your posture and helps you to sit and stand up straight by using tension bands. Whenever you slouch, PostureNow reminds you to correct your posture and overtime, your posture is corrected.

Posture now reviews do we Recommend?

Not like other posture correcting device, PostureNow is a very useful system for developing a healthier physique and a better lifestyle. It gives a younger, taller and attractive look by letting you gain confidence to face the world. Yes, this Posture Now reviews is recommending PostureNow in correcting postures.

Price : $39.95 for small and large sizes

>> Click here to visit the PostureNow website and for latest offers <<

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>> Click here to visit the PostureNow website and for latest offers <<