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evoraplus reviews

The following Evoraplus reviews aims to give you unbiased insights into the product effectiveness and customer feedback.

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The smile is one of the first things that everyone notices. Keeping those teeth and the whole mouth in good shape is very important. We investigate the Evoraplus reviews on how this product actually improves oral care. When we say about oral care, it does not only mean by making your teeth looks whiter, but it means the overall health of your mouth, as well as a clean digestive tract to avoid foul smelling breath.

Once a person does not have that habit of taking care of his oral health, there is a big possibility that it would result to a more complicated oral and general problems. This can lead to more serious treatments and higher costs later. This Evoraplus reviews will talk about the importance of oral health as well as how Evoraplus can help.

Evoraplus has been possibly made to support the gum and tooth health while it freshens breath as well as whitening teeth. So you see, with Evoraplus, just one mint and you get the benefit of many things for your mouth. Reading this Evoraplus reviews will give you insights on the pros and cons of Evoraplus in line with oral hygiene.

Company Details

Evoraplus is a probiotic mint that contains bacteria known as ProBiora3 that helps in giving you an overall oral health. Evoraplus is used to support both digestive and immune health of a person. This mint is specifically design to provide complete oral care.

Contact Details

Evoraplus can be contacted through the telephone numbers below

Customer Service for New and Existing Clients: 1-877-803-2624 x251
To Order New Product: 1-800-699-6501

Or you can also contact them by post at the following address:

Oragenics, Inc.
Consumer Products Group
3000 Bayport Drive – Suite 685s
Tampa, FL 33607

How does Evoraplus work?

When the mint melts on the tongue, the freeze dried probiotics that was on the mint attach themselves to the teeth and gum tissue. With that process, that establish a colony of live and active essential bacteria on the surface of the teeth as well as beneath the gum line. These good bacteria would thrive in the mouth and fights with the bad bacteria that causes gum and tooth problems.

And with a daily dose of Evoraplus, the health and natural defense of the mouth is being reestablished according to various users from Evoraplus Reviews.

Evoraplus Ingredients

  • Active ingredient : 600 Million CFU Probiora3® (Streptococcus uberis KJ2™, Streptococcus oralis KJ3™, Streptococcus rattus JH145™)
  • Inactive ingredients are the following: Lactitol, Inulin, Glyceryl Behenate, Peppermint Flavor (natural), Spearmint Flavor (natural), Stevia Rebaudioside A (97%)
Evoraplus does not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors.

How is Evoraplus used?

The daily use of Evora plus is a supposedly a very fast, easy and effective way to naturally promote oral health. It economically replaces the use of traditional mouthwashes, tooth whiteners as well as breath fresheners.

One bottle/container of Evoraplus contains 30 mints that would last a month. It is recommended to use the mint after brushing the teeth. Allow Evoraplus to melt in the mouth and wait for 30minutes after using mouthwash. Correct dosage can be found in their official website as well as some Evoraplus reviews.

Evoraplus Reviews: Conclusion


  • Supports the health of both gums and teeth.
  • Users also claim from Evoraplus reviews  say it provides a fresher breath
  • Naturally whitens teeth
  • Suitable for vegetarians


  • Upon reading a lot of Evoraplus reviews, there has been no known disadvantage in using this product although it is recommended to consult the dentist first if a certain person has a medical or dental medication. It is also recommended that in order to get  various opinions from users, read more resources on Evoraplus Reviews and such.

Evoraplus Reviews: Evoraplus is Recommended?

From various Evoraplus reviews, Evoraplus is highly recommended for people who are having problems maintaining their oral health especially if they do not have that sufficient time. The Evoraplus is just a mint that would melt in your mouth, and it does all the work providing you a healthy mouth as well as a fresher breath and whiter teeth.


30 day supply: $14.95
60 day supply: $25.90 + authorship subscription

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evoraplus reviews

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